Do you know you can earn Bitcoin online genuinely? This article highlights several ways of getting Bitcoin online. 

So far, Bitcoin is among the most successful cryptocurrencies. Millions of people and institutions are using Bitcoin today. Some are using it simply as an alternative to fiat currency. However, others are using Bitcoin as an investment asset. Either way, you should consider joining the bandwagon of Bitcoin.

You can start your Bitcoin journey by buying some Bitcoin. But you may not have the money to buy Bitcoin, considering its relatively high price. At the moment, the price of one Bitcoin is around $24,100. Not everyone could afford to pay such a high price for one Bitcoin. Moreover, the price cost will be higher if you buy many Bitcoins.

The high price of Bitcoin should not discourage you from wanting to own some. As I will explain, you can earn Bitcoin online genuinely. For a start, you can use to trade Bitcoin and make it genuine. All you have to do is to sign up, deposit some money, and start buying and selling.

Online Affiliate Programs

You can earn Bitcoin genuinely through online affiliate programs. These programs pay a commission to users who meet specific criteria. Often, you will earn a commission if someone else uses your affiliate link to sign up for a particular program. The more people that use that link, the more commission you will earn.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, many crypto exchanges provide affiliate programs that pay commissions using Bitcoin. You can find such crypto exchanges and sign up. Then, you can begin earning your Bitcoin genuinely by referring your friends and family to the affiliate link. Also, you can increase your chances by sharing the link on social media.

Bitcoin Games

Can you imagine playing games online and earning genuine Bitcoin? Well, this is another excellent way to earn Bitcoin online. Bitcoin games will reward you with Bitcoin when you reach certain levels in a game. Many Bitcoin games are mobile-based, meaning you can use your smartphone to play.

Before you can rush to find Bitcoin games online, do your research correctly. Many dishonest Bitcoin games will not earn you Bitcoin genuinely. Somebodyswindled through specific fees that you may be required to pay to participate. Some of the genuine Bitcoin games include Bitcoin Alien Run and Altcoin Fantasy.


You can earn Bitcoin online through freelancing, with several sites providing work and paying in Bitcoin. Freelancing can be for anyone with whatever skillset. Whether you are a marketer, a graphic designer, or a writer, you can find freelance work online and earn your Bitcoin genuinely.

Also, you can ask clients to pay you in Bitcoin instead of dollars or other currencies. You may be surprised that some clients will be willing to do so. Just talk to them politely and win their trust.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

You can also earn Bitcoin online genuinely through Bitcoin cloud mining. Bitcoin mining entails investing in rental hardware from cloud mining platforms like HashNest, Genesis Mining, and NiceHash. You don’t have to purchase expensive mining hardware with Bitcoin cloud mining.

You will enter into a mining contract by paying the agreed fee. Then, you will sit back and start earning Bitcoin. Your Bitcoin clouding provider will mine Bitcoin for you and send your earnings for the entire contract period. You don’t have to have the technical skills for Bitcoin mining.


You can use different ways to earn Bitcoin online genuinely. Your choice will depend on which methods you find comfortable and convenient. What’s more interesting is that you don’t need a lot to start using some of these ways to earn your Bitcoin.

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